Product name Grade name Supplier name Application Feature / Comment
Plastic Film Crisper® Toyobo
(Japan )
Label, Tag, Card PET base film with voids inside
Cleaning Agent SP Clean

Sungpoong Chemicals

Kaneko Chemicals (Japan)
Cleaning for metal parts

Cleaning for metal parts
Hydrocarbon type

Bromine type, Environmental safety
d-Limonene   Florida Chemical
Solvent, Cleaner, Fragrance Extracted from citrus peel
Calcium oxide, Calcium hydroxide Okhotsk Calcium
Natural Japan(Japan) Additives(Film, Paint and Food etc.), Washing for eggs and vegetables Comply "Japanese Standards of Food Additive".
Instant Glue Aron Alpha Toagosei (Japan) Auto parts (Hose etc.),Industrial parts Instantaneous Adhesion,Strong Bonding

Chemical Products under the development

Product name Application Feature / Comment
Styrene-acrylic emulsion,
Polyvinyl acetate emulsion
Flexographic Inks, Coating, Adhesive Used as Binder and additives.

Vinyl chloride-acetate resin


Gravure Inks Used as Co-binder and Primer

Epoxy resin


Coating, Adhesive Used as Binder.

Chlorinated PP


Coating Used as Primer.
UV monomer, Oligomer,Photo Initiator,Dispersant, Stabilizer UV Ink, Coating, and adhesive TMPTA, DiTMPTA, DPHA etc.
Silane coupling agent Coating, Adhesive, Sealing, Plastics, Glass fiber, Cable Coupling agents between inorganic materials and organic polymers.
Aminosilane,Epoxysilane,Oligomer type and VOC free type, etc.
UV Absorber (UVA), HALS Ink, Coating, Plastics Benzophenone and Benzotriazole etc.
Antioxidant Coating, Adhesive Antioxidants of hindered phenols
Nitrocellulose Gravure inks, Flexographic Inks,Coating, Adhesive Used as Binder.
Cross-linked acrylic, Polyurethane, Silicone beads Coating, Ink, AdhesivePaper, Fiber Used as Matting agent,
anti-blocking agent etc.
Pigment Ink, Coating, Plastics White (TiO2),
Blue (Phthalocyanine blue) , Orange, Red, Yellow and Violet etc.
Active Nano calcium carbonate Ink, Coating, Plastics Nano precipitated calcium carbonate(CaCO3)
Conductive & Anti-static Agent Ink, Coating, Plastics Conductive powder (Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Barium Sulfate, ATO, Zinc oxide Polyaniline)
Adsorbents Molecular sieve Refining, Natural gas, Aerosol 3A, 4A, 5A and 13X type
Metallic stearate Plastics Zinc stearate and Calcium stearate