Synthetic Rubber & Polymer

Product name Grade name Supplier name Application Feature / Comment
Butyl XButyl 301, 402 ARLANXEO
(Canada, Belgium, Singapore)
Innerliner, Innertube, Damper, Mount,Sealant, Adhesive Gas impermeability , Damping Property
Halobutyl Bromobutyl (BBX2)
(Canada, Belgium, Singapore)
  Faster cure,Better adhesion
(US, China, The Netherlands)
Industrial parts, Weather strip Weather resistance, Heat resistance
NBR Krynac, Perbunan ARLANXEO
O-ring, Printing Blanket, Printing Roller Oil resistance
NBR Powder Baymod N XL 38.43 ARLANXEO (France) Break lining, Plastic modifier Hot, Cross-linked special grade
CR Baypren



Industrial parts, Auto parts
General rubber
Butyl Reclaim Rubber RBR70 , RBR7050 Rubber Resource (The Netherlands) Innerliner, Inner tube, Sealant, Damper For butyl compound modification
Blended Polymers Blended IIR
Blended BIIR
Blended CIIR
Reprocess PBD
Goldsmith & Elggletons (USA) Innerliner, Inner tube, Sealant, Damper For economical rubber compound
Silicone Rubber Silicone & Xiameter Dow Corning Toray (Japan) OA Roser, various Industrial & automotive parts Economical / Special grades available
NBR/PVC BQ/NV3470 BQC(Thailand) Industrial goods Economical NBR/PVC
NBR Latex Synthomer Synthomer (Malaysia) Gloves Economical / Special grades available
Epoxidized Natural Rubber ENR25, ENR50 M.M.G. (Thailand) Sealant, Adhesive, Plastic modifier

Special NR with Oil resist,damping & adhesion properties

Polynorboromene Rubber


Norsorex Astrotech (Austria) Toy , Tire, Roller Achieve Lowest Hs. (10-20 shore A)
Epichlomer Rubber Epichlomer Daisonet (ingredients) Osaka Soda (Japan) Fuel Hose, OA rolls,Industrial parts Well-balanced in heat, oil, ozone & flame resistance
PVC Compound - Teknor Apex Asia (Singapore)   Injection & Extrusion molding.
Nylon Chemlon Teknor Apex Asia (Singapore)    

Filler & Rubber Chemical & Plasticizer

Product name Grade name Supplier name Application Feature / Comment
Carbon Black N550P, N660P Thai Carbon Black Various Rubber Parts Filler
Accelerators & Anti Oxidant for Rubber Vulkacit, Vulkanox, Vulkazon,…etc Lanxess (Germany) Various Rubber Parts Rubber Chemicals
Rubber chemical compound Rhenogran Rhenoslab Lanxess (Germany) Various Rubber Parts Easy to be dispersed
  Addibevis BQC (Thailand) Various Rubber Parts Easy to be dispersed
Kaolin Clay Polyfil 80, Polyfil DL Nucap, Nulok Kamin (USA) Electrical parts, Pharmaceuticals, Tire, Sport ball, etc. calsined, delaminated, surface-treated, etc.
  Suprex, Amlok 321, Mercap 200 KT Clay (USA) Industrial rubber part General & silan grades available
Expandable Graphite SYZR grade Hebei Maoyuan (China) Interior, construction parts Non halogen flame retardant (anti-flame)
Processing Oil (Rubber softners) Panoil Panama Petrochem.(India) Rubber softners for EPDM, SBR, etc., for Tire & varios rubber parts applications Paraffinic, aromatic, naphtenic oils available
Processing Aids TE80 paste & powder TE58 paste Technical Processing (USA)

Process aid for NBR, CR, EPDM, SBR, FKM…etc

Better compounding, injection & exytrusion flow, mold release, etc
Plasticizer Mesamoll Lanxess (Germany) Non-phthalic application for NBR, PVC, etc.  
  Monocizer W-260, W260S, W262 DIC (Japan) Polar rubber (NBR, Acrylic, Rubber, etc)  
Shot Blast Media Sunblast H10 Sanyo-Trading Co.,Ltd. (Japan) Rubber mold cleaning media Clean but no damage to mold
(Color paste)
  HiENOX Chemtech (Thailand) Color paste for Automotive,Furniture,Shoe Industry