Color paste Partner in plastic and Lacquer application

Based on German technology to produce high quality color paste and paint for polyurethane industry in which the raw materials protection material. Products include color paste for different polyurethane system, color paste series for flexible foam, in-mould paint, epoxy paste, unsaturated polyester paste and color paste for PVC industry. Most are widely used in shoes with polyether and polyester systems; foam and molded foam of polyether/polyester flexible PU-system.

Product Range

Product Color Application
HiENOX-PU Color paste for Polyurethane System - Integral foam
- Ether flexible foam for slab stock and molded Foam
- Rigid foam
- Compact system
- Automotive/Furniture/Shoe Industry
HiENOX-FLEX Color paste - Flexible foam/polyester and polyether system
- Compact system
- Molded foam(Car seat)
- Furniture
HiENOX-PVC Color paste for PVC Industries - Coating of textiles, wallpaper and artificial leather
- Flooring
- Electric wire cable industry
HiENOX-EP Color paste for Epoxy Resin Systems - Flooring Industry
- Electrical industry(e.g. Transformers)
- Coating of pipelines
HiENOX-Paints (IMP) Pigment pastes and lacquer systems for polyurethane industries - Automotive industry(e.g. Steering wheels)
- Furniture Industry(e.g. armrests)
HiENOX-UP Color paste for unsaturated polyester resin - Gel coat
- Laminating and casting resins
HiENOX-UV UV – Stabilizer Variety of PU applications such as in automotive (steering wheel and dashboard),shoe, PU-coating, Plastic coating, Polyol preparation and Industrial coatings
HiENOX-RA Release agent  
HiENOX-MC Mold cleanser