TPE – Thermoplastic Elastomer

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Features and Application

TPV: Thermoplastic vulcanizate: Uniprene and Sarlink
TPO: Thermoplastic Olefins Elastomer
TPE-S: Styrenic Block Copolymer Wide hardness range
Temperature resistance: High/Low Chemical resistance
Over molding: PP, ABS, etc.
Automotive: Airbag, Sealing, etc.Medical tubing
Packaging: Cap liner, etc.

Thermoplastic Vulcanizates (TPV)

TPV is unique product

  • Specialty plastic
  • Closest mimic to synthetic rubber

Sophisticated process technology

  • Consistently blending a high EPDM rubber Content into a very small plastic content
  • At the same time consistently vulcanizing the Rubber to control the morphology
  • Mechanical properties
  • Tear resistance
  • Plastic processability
  • Hardness range
  • Compression set
  • Low temperature Performance
  EPDM rubber Sarlink TPV Plastics (PP)
Made/Process as Rubber Plastic Plastic
Feels like Soft rubber Soft rubber Hard Plastic
Markets Rubber Rubber, Plastic Plastic